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Distribution EMDC - Marks & Spencer

Castle Donington

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Client: Clowes Development (UK) Limited
Architect: Isherwood McCann
Engineer: BWB Consulting
Programme 52 weeks


The new distribution warehouse is situated on the site of the old Castle Donington Power Station; this superstructure was demolished in 1996.

  • The site covers 167,665m2
  • The power station substructure, bases and foundations have been excavated and crushed for re-use. 27,000m3 of concrete has been crushed and graded to produce Type 1, pipe bedding and cable sand.
  • The presence of an old river bed cutting through the site led to an extensive group improvement scheme. The river bed covered an area of 22,000m2. This was excavated to remove the soft alluvial clay. 76,000m3 was removed in total, this was then re-engineered back in 300mm layers to achieve a ground bearing pressure of 150KN/m2.
  • The total earthworks package included a cut of 67,000m3 and fill of 75,000m3
  • 1400 linear metre of 2.2m diameter pipe has been installed; this means that the system can hold 5.3 million litres of rainwater.
  • A new estate road (520m long) is being built alongside the site to adoptable highway standards.
  • At the west end of the site there will be a new purpose built rail freight terminal. This will require a new line to be laid to connect to the rail network. The distance from connection to the terminal is 1.4Km and will comply fully with all current rail standards.
  • The building is 25m to haunch, 28m to parapet and is over 900,000 sq ft which includes office and ancillary accommodation totalling 80,000 sq ft.