New Facility, Peterborough Gateway

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UMC Architects


54 weeks


February 2018

Contracted by Roxhill, Winvic are constructing a new facility at Peterborough Gateway for a soft drinks company.

The 145,000 sq ft facility will enable the end user to carry out the full product manufacturing, bottling, storage and distribution process.

Working closely with the developer and end user throughout both the design and construction stage process, the initial base build contract was increased to facilitate an additional £5m of base build enhancement works to include;

  • Extended underground stainless steel drainage
  • Co-ordinated floor slab design to accommodate 316 Grade stainless steel channel drainage, manufacturing and bottling plant
  • Ucrete 6mm topping to the internal warehouse floor slab to assist with hygiene, slip, chemical and heat resistance
  • Numerous bases and plinths for items such as 120 tonne sugar silos, Co2, water treatment and effluent tanks
  • Off-site effluent foul drainage pumps to accommodate a peak discharge rate of 8 litres/sec
  • Hygiene panel compartmentation on stainless steel kerb upstands to comply with BRC requirements
  • Warehouse high level services – sprinklers, jet nozzle heating and hygienic light fittings
  • Refrigeration out buildings for Glycol plants and cooling towers
  • 4,500 sq ft floor space increase to office area from initial base build

Construction programme of works were re-sequenced to maintain continuity of works on-site, minimise disruption and abortive works, but ultimately to ensure delivery in line with the tenant requirements for their operations to
commence early 2018.

Take a closer look

View our timelapse footage of the external works taking shape or take a peek inside at the internal works unfolding.