A16 Marsh Lane Roundabout, Boston

Junction and roundabout improvements to A16 Boston as part of the Lincolnshire County Council highways framework

Construction of a new dedicated free-flow lane for A16 northbound to allow for a further dedicated right-turn lane into the Marsh Lane Industrial Estate, making it quicker for freight vehicles accessing and egressing Marsh Lane. An enhanced non-motorised user crossing across Marsh Lane arm will also be built.

At a glance

  • Project value: £5.7m
  • Client: Lincolnshire County Council
  • Programme: 34 weeks
  • Completion: Dec 2023 (targeted)

The major improvements to Marsh Lane roundabout will reduce congestion on the A16, improve safety, and future-proof the roundabout for future A16 upgrades down the line. 3,070m2 of carriageway on the approaches to the existing roundabout on the A16 will be widened to two lanes, as will the roundabout.

The alignment of the roundabout will be moved to facilitate its widening from 21.5m diameter to 27m. 410m of new drainage will be installed as part of the roundabout upgrade. Mass traffic signals infrastructure works will be undertaken to the crossroad junction with 4,025m2 of carriageway treatment works.

The works also include the creation of a three-quarter mile active travel route in Boston, addressing the conflict between cycle users and HGVs on Marsh Lane through the Riverside Industrial Estate. The pavements will be widened and a new cycle lane will be installed.

Both projects will be funded by a portion of the £20m in ‘Levelling Up’ funding awarded to the county council in October 2021. The remaining funding will be used across four projects, including improvements to Spalding’s A16/A151 Springfield Roundabout and A16/B1180 Greencell Roundabout.

This is Winvic’s first project under the Lincolnshire County Council highways framework contract; the ‘General Works’ Lot contract is to deliver new infrastructure assets as well as infrastructure improvements across the county over 4 years. The ‘General Works’ Lot was awarded to Winvic by Lincolnshire County Council in April 2022. Works to be undertaken by Winvic on A and B class roads in Lincolnshire are likely to include the construction of roundabouts, major highways widening or dualling, bridge construction and service diversions and installation as well as the installation of drainage and street lighting.

  • 34 week programme

  • 3,070 m2 of carriageway

  • 5.5m roundabout widening

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