Our clients benefit from our tenacity to challenge industry norms and explore innovative products, methodologies and designs. Research and development is therefore crucial to Winvic and we are always working with key suppliers and consultant partners to progress ideas into manufactured articles. We understand that no two buildings are the same, so we take a customised approach to every corner of every project so that the right solution is applied systematically, effectively and to brief.

Nevertheless, we don’t shy away from offering up our pioneering ideas if there are gains to be made for the client or end user, because why wouldn’t we want to make a scheme the very best it can be. Some of our technological advancements include specialist ground solution techniques, carbon zero applications, creating our own revolutionary carbon calculator, building information modelling (BIM), renewable solutions and multiple Innovate UK projects. All of which is incorporated into a customised business information hub for our supply chain, design teams and clients to take advantage of.

With support, Winvic has developed revolutionary design advancements in multilevel mezzanine structures:

  • Multilevel concrete mezzanine floors with complex design equations
  • Optimum crack control and surface deflection tolerance
  • We have led the debate for a more homogenous approach of all aspects of the design
  • The whole industry is reacting to our approach and considerations

Our Commitment to BIM

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is the process of design and construction – digitally, in 3D – which has a wide range of end-to-end benefits for the developer, tenant and the contractors involved. From cost savings and shorter construction programmes to faster design decisions and efficient building management, delivering industry standard BIM Level 2 is another example of Winvic doing it right.

We have offered this service to clients for many years, but over the last two to three years we have experienced a significant uptake in the request for BIM on the projects we are involved in. As a result of this growing demand, Winvic focused on creating a state-of-the-art resource, and the Centre for Innovative Construction (CIC) was launched during Digital Construction Week in October 2019. This was followed by the launch of onsite Sustainability & Innovation Hubs.

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