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A key element of our competitive edge can be attributed to the exceptional talent and attitude of our workforce.


A key element of our competitive edge can be attributed to the exceptional talent and attitude of our workforce. We invite experienced professionals from all vocations to contact us regarding vacancies – our year on year growth means we are always looking for the cream of the crop.

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Employed since. January 2002

Describe your role. I started as a foreman on Winvic’s first ever new build – nearly 17 years and it seems like yesterday! I progressed and developed with the company, and the industry, to become a project manager; I enjoy the issues and challenges that come with each new day as well as being agile, adaptable and thinking outside the box. I feel lucky to be able to interact with a multitude of people from all walks of life, solve problems and create something worthwhile with them, before going home with the feeling that you have achieved something. In five years’ time I hope I’ll be doing the same thing – it may sound corny, but I love what I do.

Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Rewarding, challenging, satisfying.

Why construction? I was enticed by the somewhat simple reward of creating modern living spaces; be it a place of work, a home or a leisure facility. We may be working with steel or concrete, but ultimately the structures are for people and will be of use to communities and the built environment for years to come.

What attracted you to Winvic? Joining a young company was exciting, but Winvic’s owners and the first team members held motivating ambitions and attitudes – I couldn’t say no because of the people and their shared vision.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? I would advise anyone going for any job in any industry to be friendly, open, dynamic, adaptable to change and embrace opportunities, but these are attributes we regard highly at Winvic. We are an ever changing company, going from strength to strength and there are many chances for employees to excel, but you have to believe in yourself, the projects and Winvic.


Employed since. September 2017

Describe your role. I joined Winvic as a Design Manager to predominantly work on industrial and multi-room projects, but I thrived in the latter sector so now am solely focused on that.

The biggest challenge is keeping track of all of the scheme’s current and new design issues while making sure I am able to close out previous queries.

I love being able to work with a variety of different and highly talented people on a daily basis, and working on flagship projects. In five year’s time I would like to be working as a Senior Design Manager on further BTR and student accommodation projects.

Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Collaborative, unique, understanding.

Why construction? Every project is distinctive and every team is different, but ultimately everyone is working to the same goal, which can’t be said for all industries.

What attracted you to Winvic? The unique culture and the way the company approaches its work was very appealing. Interactions with their employees, subcontractors and clients are a priority, so “it’s not just about bricks and the bottom line”.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Make sure you’re ready to be challenged and don’t be afraid to voice your ideas – they will be listened to. You must be a team player, who can work closely with other members of the project team, which includes those client side, end-users and consultants as well as Winvic employees.


Employed since. January 2012

Describe your role. It’s not often you hear people say that they love getting up and coming to work, but working for Winvic I really do. I joined Winvic as a H&S Manager and I have since progressed to my current role as a Senior HSEQ Manager. I visit our construction sites to provide encouragement and guidance for improvements, the biggest challenge is explaining to operatives why I have requested certain things, but when the requests are taken on board, it is rewarding to see. In five years’ time I would like to be progressing into a leadership role within the HSEQ department.

Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. People, people, people.

Why construction? I was previously an asbestos surveyor when my employer at the time asked if I would like to move into construction safety as I had the relevant safety qualifications. Having an interest in construction I immediately said yes and the rest is history.

What attracted you to Winvic? I had heard nothing but good things about working for Winvic. They really stood out to me as a growing company which I wanted to be part of.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Be yourself, work hard and enjoy the ride.


Employed since. February 2017

Describe your role. I have been at Winvic for two and a half years as a Managing Quantity Surveyor where my role is to lead the commercial responsibilities of a project from award right through to final account. I enjoy seeing projects being constructed and dealing with all the variety of people and trades. The biggest challenge is dealing with unexpected occurrences but working with the team finding a solution is extremely rewarding.

Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Exciting, fast, fun.

Why construction? With sites all over the UK, I enjoy the variety of work in different locations each with different challenges, no project is the same.

What attracted you to Winvic? I wanted to work within an exciting company, where you are valued and not just a number. Winvic invest in the training and development of their people encouraging them and giving them the opportunity to progress their careers and be the best they can.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Be yourself and enjoy what you do, its hard work but rewarding.

To find out more about our current opportunities download our brochure and see our Vacancies page, if you are excited about the opportunities working for Winvic affords, but your career experience lies elsewhere, please contact our HR and Training department by clicking the button below.