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When we receive a job application, we see that moment as the start of a relationship and our outstanding staff retention figures illustrate Winvic’s commitment to its staff. If you’d like to be part of a world class team and work on significant projects for premium clients, and can be described as talented, passionate and forward-thinking, whatever stage you’re at in your career, take a look at our vacancies below or on our LinkedIn Careers Page.

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We attract and develop talented individuals at all levels, from trainees and bright graduates to experienced professionals, who join us to develop their careers in a dynamic, growing business. On offer is a highly competitive salary and rewards package and the chance to work in an environment where you will be well respected and given the opportunity to continue to develop and progress in your career through our commitment to investing in training and development.

Employees Stories

  • Sam Vickers, Project Manager

    “Winvic’s approach to any aspect of a project, is logical, ambitious and passionate and stands out in the industry”

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    Sam Vickers, Project Manager

    Employed since. January 2016.

    Describe your role. I started in a site manager role two and a half years ago, having never built a distribution warehouse before, and as Winvic is widely known as the UK’s ‘shed specialist’ I underwent a steep, but enjoyable learning curve. I became a project manager in 2017 and I’m currently working on a scheme with multiple warehouses. I hope I will continue to manage projects in the industrial sector and progress to a more senior role as I become even more experienced.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Enjoyable, friendly and challenging.

    Why construction? I couldn’t think of anything worse than a repetitive job, and when I looked at different career paths I realised construction could offer me a role where no two days are the same.

    What attracted you to Winvic? Their approach to any aspect of a project, whether it’s the design, construction, quality, liaison with stakeholders or health and safety, is logical, ambitious and passionate. Winvic stands out in the industry.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Focus on the path that leads to your dream career and work hard. There are a wide variety of people working at Winvic but we all share the same appetite for success; if you have that you’re halfway to joining the team.

  • Harry Onslow, Design Manager

    “The company has a unique culture and way of approaching its work. It’s not just about bricks and the bottom line”

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    Harry Onslow, Design Manager

    Employed since. September 2017.

    Describe your role. I joined Winvic as a Design Manager to predominantly work on industrial and multi-room projects, but I thrived in the latter sector so now am solely focused on that.

    The biggest challenge is keeping track of all of a scheme’s current and new design issues, while making sure I am able to close out previous queries.

    I love being able to work with a variety of different and highly talented people on a daily basis, and working on flagship projects. In five years’ time I would like to be working as a Senior Design Manager on further BTR and student accommodation projects.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Collaborative, unique, understanding.

    Why construction? Every project is distinctive and every team is different, but ultimately everyone is working to the same goal, which can’t be said for all industries.

    What attracted you to Winvic? The unique culture and the way the company approaches its work was very appealing. Interactions with their employees, subcontractors and clients are a priority, so “it’s not just about bricks and the bottom line”.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Make sure you’re ready to be challenged and don’t be afraid to voice your ideas – they will be listened to. You must be a team player, who can work closely with other members of the project team, which includes those client side, end-users and consultants as well as Winvic employees.

  • Frank Hayes, Senior Project Manager

    “We may be working with steel or concrete, but ultimately the structures are for people and will be of use to communities and the built environment for years to come.”

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    Frank Hayes, Senior Project Manager

    Employed since. January 2002.

    Describe your role. I started as a foreman on Winvic’s first ever new build – nearly 17 years and it seems like yesterday! I progressed and developed with the company, and the industry, to become a project manager; I enjoy the issues and challenges that come with each new day as well as being agile, adaptable and thinking outside the box. I feel lucky to be able to interact with a multitude of people from all walks of life, solve problems and create something worthwhile with them, before going home with the feeling that you have achieved something. In five years’ time I hope I’ll be doing the same thing – it may sound corny, but I love what I do.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Rewarding, challenging and satisfying.

    Why construction? I was enticed by the somewhat simple reward of creating modern living spaces; be it a place of work, a home or a leisure facility. We may be working with steel or concrete, but ultimately the structures are for people and will be of use to communities and the built environment for years to come.

    What attracted you to Winvic? Joining a young company was exciting, but Winvic’s owners and the first team members held motivating ambitions and attitudes – I couldn’t say no because of the people and their shared vision.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? I would advise anyone going for any job in any industry to be friendly, open, dynamic, adaptable to change and embrace opportunities, but these are attributes we regard highly at Winvic. We are an ever changing company, going from strength to strength and there are many chances for employees to excel, but you have to believe in yourself, the projects and Winvic.

  • Ed Hall, Site Engineer

    “After being here for two years I realise your ethos and attitude is very important so I’m glad they saw what I knew I had inside me”

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    Ed Hall, Site Engineer

    Employed since. August 2016.

    Describe your role. I have been at Winvic for 2 years now, starting out as a gateman before moving on to site as a labourer then chainman and progressed to working as a trainee engineer as my skills grew on site. Learning new skills with which I could make a career for myself was really appealing so I talked to Winvic about the options that were open to me. Together we decided that I should trial some jobs and now I am starting an apprenticeship at college while I continue to work, to work towards being an engineer. Keeping on top of many different processes, schedules and subcontractor roles can be difficult when the project is in a busy phase, but I like being busy and I’m getting more confident with the support of colleagues. Over the next two years I hope to successfully complete my college apprenticeship to help me work as a more competent engineer, to continue with learning to support my development in the engineering role on site, and also be working at Winvic as they believe in their employees.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Challenging, diverse and rewarding.

    Why construction? Looking from the outside in, it seemed like an industry that offered lots of different, but associated, roles and with the multitude of sectors available to work in, the options seemed endless. I didn’t have any qualifications at first but I wanted a career, and I could see the opportunity to learn and progress.

    What attracted you to Winvic? While I understood there were many opportunities out there, I realised that not all companies were as committed to helping people reach their potential. Winvic stood out and I suppose they took a chance on me. After being here for two years I realise your ethos and attitude is very important so I’m glad they saw what I knew I had inside me.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? If you want to be presented with new challenges every day and then see the solutions that you’ve worked really hard on work as planned front of your eyes, you’ll love it at Winvic! I’d tell applicants to be confident in what they already know but don’t be afraid to ask questions because being open to learning is important.

  • Adam Topham, HSEQ Manager

    “The Winvic Way is a lot more hands on with regards to safety”

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    Adam Topham, HSEQ Manager

    Employed since. July 2017.

    Describe your role. I joined Winvic as HSEQ Manager to work with our site teams to help them to work and think safely for themselves and those around them. My job is to help them to learn and improve their knowledge through training.

    I now also create and develop the majority of internal training packages which myself and the rest of the HSEQ team deliver. I am currently in the process of obtaining external accreditation for some of our training courses which will not only ensure the information we are delivering is to the highest standard but also helps us strengthen our site teams and their knowledge.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Friendly, practical, enjoyable.

    Why construction? The opportunity to be involved with the creation of something; seeing it develop and become something from nothing and helping them to think and act safely for themselves and those around them.

    What attracted you to Winvic? The different way of working. Some businesses are very compliance heavy, with paperwork taking priority over the actual safety of the teams on the ground, whereas the Winvic Way is a lot more hands on with regards to safety.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Be open to a new way of doing things; the Winvic Way. Just because you’ve always done something one way, doesn’t mean it is the best way. Winvic recognises forward thinking and ideas about new approaches.

  • Tim Crocker, Site Manager

    “I have experienced projects ranging from a 1 million square foot warehouse fit-out for Euro Car Parts to the new retail, wildlife and leisure development at Rushden Lakes”

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    Tim Crocker, Site Manager

    Employed since. Oct/Nov 2015.

    Describe your role. I am a site manager, and this was my role when I began with Winvic almost three years ago. My first two projects were commercial buildings, but since then I have experienced various projects ranging from a 1 million square foot warehouse fit-out for Euro Car Parts to the new retail, wildlife and leisure development at Rushden Lakes. I’m currently working on a new aircraft hangar at East Midlands Airport, so the diversity is evident. I am responsible for ensuring subcontractors are working safely and to the programme, and while this can be challenging on occasions, interacting with colleagues and the wider workforce on a day-to-day basis is really enjoyable. Within a five year time frame I hope I will become a project manager and run my own sites.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Relaxed, professional and exciting.

    Why construction? I remember thinking using big machinery and digging holes was the best possible job when I was a kid, so the pull towards construction was there. After studying at university, it was the technical construction knowledge that really got me gripped and the industry was a natural progression.

    What attracted you to Winvic? Initially, geography was a factor as some of Winvic’s projects would allow me to work closer to home. However, as I looked deeper into a few locals companies, I felt Winvic, and its welcoming nature, would be a good move for my career… and it was!

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? I think Winvic is primarily looking for people who are willing to learn, have a desire to achieve but are also easy going and friendly. If you aren’t willing to work as one team and don’t like interacting with others, Winvic probably isn’t the right fit for you.

  • Nic Forscutt, Senior Estimator

    “I began my career as an Assistant Estimator and progressed to Estimator within 6 months”

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    Nic Forscutt, Senior Estimator

    Employed since. January 2013.

    Describe your role. I began my career as an Assistant Estimator, progressed to Estimator within 6 months and I hope to be a Senior Estimator within the next few years. Tender processes can be a really demanding part of my role, but winning a tricky contract for Winvic is always a massive boost. I work well being quite self-sufficient and working autonomously, but coordinating and negotiating with client representatives is always gratifying, although sometimes difficult, especially when we find a solution together.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Super, smashing, great.

    Why construction? Construction roles have higher salaries on average than other industries, which was attractive to me, but also most of my family members are working or have worked within the sector.

    What attracted you to Winvic? Winvic are a local company to my home, and at the time they were starting to grow and work on some interesting projects, plus there were clear opportunities to progress my career.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Have a good work ethic, be flexible and be ready to react to changes. Winvic is a different breed of contractor to most so those with experience may need to adjust their way of working, and those who can do this quickly will go a long way in the company. The atmosphere is relaxed and Winvic really trusts its employees to complete tasks without a lot of micro-management and time consuming procedures.

  • Dan Waterfield, Design Manager

    “No two schemes are the same and Winvic’s roster of clients is far-reaching so you’re always kept on your toes”

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    Dan Waterfield, Design Manager

    Employed since. October 2016.

    Describe your role. I began as a Design Manager with Winvic almost two years ago and the responsibilities and opportunities that have been given to me in that time have expanded and been hugely exciting. I work within the multi-room arm of the business, liaising with stakeholders and bringing the design of a scheme together to ensure it will be built in the most efficient way possible. Daily challenges, apart from remembering to buy a car parking ticket, include satisfying and negotiating with many parties, and eliminating and reducing risks. However, the highs outweigh the lows and these include getting to know an exciting project for the first time, hitting upon a solution though teamwork and completing a residential development, which you know will be loved. I hope to carry on my career path, but would like to help and encourage others to become design managers.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words.Valued, innovative and progressive.

    Why construction? It’s challenging, rewarding and multifaceted. I also couldn’t wait to go past a building to say ‘I was involved in that’! No two schemes are the same and Winvic’s roster of clients is far-reaching so you’re always kept on your toes. I wouldn’t say my strength lies in one discipline and I felt there were opportunities for a rounded person in building design, and so I’m knowledgeable about a project’s whole cycle, from feasibility to completion.

    What attracted you to Winvic? I was ready for a new challenge and was presented with the opportunity to work on sites, instead of being in an office all the time. Winvic is also an employer well known in the industry for their high staff retention, so I knew they did things right.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Don’t just dip your toes in, take a dive to show us what you’re all about and what your experiences are – shared knowledge will make us all better. Also, nothing is more important in our company, and the wider industry, than being a team player. No single person can design and build a complex scheme! It takes many talented people who have the same vision and work well together have to be round the table, not on opposite sides.

  • Tasha Chandler, Design Manager

    “Construction offers the very tangible reward of seeing projects you have contributed to on paper, rise out of the ground and become fully occupied by the end users”

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    Tasha Chandler, Design Manager

    Employed since. May 2017.

    Describe your role. I haven’t been at Winvic all that long, just three months but it seems much longer – in a good way – as a Design Manager. So far I’ve been able to visit a number of projects and learning along the way to develop my career. Prior to this, I was a senior engineer at a consultancy, leading the design from a civil and structural perspective, within the environment of a fully multidisciplinary office. Learning the ropes of a new role is certainly challenging but variety is definitely one of the most appealing parts of the role for me. Days here are so varied, from keeping up with the old inbox to undertaking design workshops and site visits, there’s never a dull moment. Balancing clients’ visions, with budgets and satisfying building regulations and controls can be a complex process, but one that I enjoy. In 5 years’ time I’d like to see myself working within an even bigger, busier and diversified multi-bed department at Winvic.

    Describe working at Winvic in 3 words. Friendly, honest, diverse.

    Why construction? Working in construction and, more specifically, buildings offers the very tangible reward of seeing projects you have contributed to on paper, rise out of the ground and become fully occupied by the end users. It is this incentive that initially attracted me to the industry after my studies and it is still a pull for me every day. It is also an exciting industry in terms of progression; standards are constantly evolving to suit people’s changing needs and companies like Winvic can rapidly respond to in order to keep our built environment dynamic, yet safe.

    What attracted you to Winvic? Winvic’s reputation within the industry, compared to a number of contractors, really stood out to me, and I was excited by their commitment to grow the multi-bed side of the business.

    Do you have any advice for people wanting to join Winvic? Given the longstanding nature of Winvic’s relationships with suppliers, contractors and clients, approachable and sincere personalities are well suited here. A holistic understanding of the construction process is also helpful in a design management role such as mine, as I must keep abreast of issues across different disciplines and be well informed when liaising with clients. If you’re a good fit for the company, the feeling will be mutual, so I’d advise people to put themselves forward and to trust in the application process.

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