Winvic Live

Welcome to the world of Winvic Live where you can watch buildings and infrastructure projects come to life, either in timelapse videos or via live feeds. Cameras are appropriately placed so panoramas across our sites can be viewed and an image is taken approximately six times an hour between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Choose a ‘Live Project’ below and use the left and right arrows to move backwards and forwards in time, or select a date from the calendar and begin your journey with the scheme from another day. You can also use the zoom function and move around the picture, or even download an image. On larger sites, such as the East Midlands Gateway project, we position more than one camera and you can choose which vista to look at by clicking on ‘Camera’ in the top menu when in a project. After images have been captured for a month, we consolidate the images to illustrate the progress so far. Just click ‘Timelapse Movies’.

Finally we produce films of the finished articles, where we overlay key facts about the projects too so you can really get a sense of the scheme. You’ll find a large number of these to watch if you scroll down this page. We hope you enjoy seeing ground works progress and buildings springing out of the ground, and if you would like to discuss a future project with us, please contact

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