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Winvic Launches Cultural Change Programme to Further Improve Behavioural Safety

Posted on June 22, 2020 in Health & Safety

Winvic has launched its ‘Doing It Right’ initiative, a new cultural change programme to further improve behavioural safety. With commitment from every corner of the main contractor’s operations and supply, and the procedural changes in place, Winvic aims to reduce the number of incidents by preventing ‘walk bys’ and to share – and applaud – examples of good practice.

Winvic is driven by its core values – having respect, loyalty, honesty, passion and a questioning nature – and while the firm already has an enviable health and safety track record, in January it began a bottom-up assessment of its approach to health, safety and wellbeing. A key focus of the review was to understand how Winvic facilitates and supports good safety behaviours, therefore, it began by listening to employees and contractor partners.

The result is not a fanfare launch of new health and safety processes, nor is it a new dictate to our supply chain and staff, but instead it can be seen as a renewed pledge by every person to simply do the right thing. The ‘Doing It Right’ initiative comprises the implementation of a new site induction process, new tools for reporting safety observations and a new set of minimum standards. Winvic is also committed to providing three clear pillars of support to employees and contractors:

  • Consistent expectations of clear minimum safety standards;
  • Motivation to have good safety behaviours, including consequences for poor actions;
  • Measurement of outcomes to facilitate learnings, which will drive ever higher standards.

The extensive liaison with the supply chain and employees built on the already robust relationships, and this has led to all Winvic team members pledging to offer health, safety and wellbeing support to each other, hold themselves and each other to account and always be mindful of complacency.

Dave Ward, Winvic Managing Director, commented: “The overall aims of ‘Doing It Right’ are to reduce the number of incidents by facilitating people to think twice about walking by a safety issue, however small, and to bring examples of good practice to the foreground, so individuals and contractors can be properly recognised. We have worked hard with our supply chain and internal team this year to get to where we are and together we have pledged to support each other, hold ourselves and colleagues accountable and be wary of becoming complacent. The launch of ‘Doing It Right’ is another part of the journey to keep health and safety front of mind where we are resetting the bar for behavioural standards across the entire business.”

Note: photos taken pre-Covid-19

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