The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the longest established system by which a building’s sustainability is evaluated and rated. Internationally recognised third party certification is attained through finding the most valuable strategies to meet the requirements, and Winvic is a high achiever in this area. BREEAM persistently tests the boundaries of sustainable construction and we respond with each new project, rising to the challenge.

With vast experience in the construction of sustainable buildings, materials and the methods used, the support we bring to the early design process ensures the BREEAM rating achievement is another measurement of success alongside timely and on budget delivery. Our design managers add value to the assessment process at a very early stage, by helping the design and construction teams to identify the most effective strategy to achieve compliance. Along with the assessors, they then provide hands-on guidance through to completion.

All of Winvic’s projects are automatically credited with 3 points towards the final BREEAM rating by virtue of us being BREEAM Accredited Professionals. This qualification recognises we have an advanced understanding of the processes required and the ability to provide expert strategic advice. Our approach and level of input distinguishes us from competitors, reinforces our reputation as industry leaders and places us in the starting block for an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Outstanding’ rating on every project.


  • Address environmental and sustainability issues in the design brief of any construction project
  • Have proven the anecdotal plus 10% costs required for a BREEAM rating can be significantly decreased when requirements are planned in from the start
  • Train employees as qualified BREEAM and SBEM/EPC assessors, and invest in our supply chain by, for example, driving a mutual commitment to the elimination of waste
  • Won a prestigious BREEAM Regional Award 2018 – Western Europe for DC2 Dunstable
  • Have delivered 5 ‘Outstanding’, 11 ‘Excellent’ and 61 ‘Very Good’ buildings and three net zero buildings at Rushden Lakes retail and leisure scheme in the last two years
  • Delivered the first ever BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rated industrial building (Rolls Royce, Heathrow) in the UK under the BRE’s challenging 2011 benchmark standards and the first ever BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rated education building (Suscon Academy).