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Building Success: Winvic’s Remarkable Journey of Growth in the Residential Sector

Posted on March 1, 2024 in Blog

As we celebrate reaching a significant milestone – over 10,000 multi-room beds have now been successfully handed over to clients – Multi-Room Director, Mark Jones reflects on Winvic’s remarkable journey of growth in the residential sector.

When It All Began

In the ever-changing landscape of construction, some narratives shine as symbols of success, and unquestionably, the growth of Winvic’s residential sector is one example. Since I assumed the role of Board Director for Multi-room in 2017, the strategic outlook for residential development has remained steadfast, leading to an exceptional journey of growth and accomplishment. This journey not only enhances the reputation of Winvic, which has long been synonymous with excellence in delivering industrial units, but also marks a diversification towards becoming a prominent player in the residential sector.

Leadership That Drives Growth

My primary objective was clear: propel the growth of our residential sector by harnessing the inherent strength and core values of our business, a philosophy often encapsulated in the phrase The Winvic Way.‘ I’ve consistently championed this ethos, confident that our clients, consultants, and supply chain recognise and value our unwavering culture of honesty and challenging. While it may not always be preserved as ideally as we’d like, it vividly demonstrates our Passion, Pride, Tenacity, and Drive – qualities that don’t go unnoticed and result in earned loyalty as evidenced by our repeat business. Through this ethos, our residential sector has not only thrived; it has become a pivotal force within our overarching business strategy.

Exponential Turnover Growth

The figures tell a compelling story. In my first year as the director of Multi-room, our turnover was £35 million. Now, as we fast forward to year six, that number has soared to an impressive £230 million. This extraordinary growth stands as a clear testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the residential construction sector. Our growth trajectory has been dynamic, adapting to the ever-changing market conditions. We initially delved into delivering student rooms, and then we rode the wave of the Build To Rent (BTR) boom. Since then our strategic focus has evolved, with our current turnover allocation aimed at delivering 70% Build To Rent, 25% student accommodation, and 5% independent hotels, across the Midlands. Our strong presence within the Midlands is evident, where Winvic is currently the one of the most prominent contractors. With five multi-room projects located across Birmingham including the recently completed flagship Corkfield scheme adjacent to Edgbaston stadium, New Garden Square, Kent Street Baths, Holloway Head and Lancaster Street – you can see Winvic changing the city’s skyline.

Delivering Excellence: Over 10,000 Beds Across 29 Projects

I’m extremely proud that we’ve successfully completed over 10,000 beds across 29 projects. Each of these projects is more than just a structure; it’s a story of precision, dedication, and our relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s a testament to our commitment to quality, safe and timely delivery. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that not every project has been without problems. We’ve faced challenges, learned from our mistakes, and used them as stepping stones to improve and succeed. It’s in those moments of difficulty that we’ve demonstrated our resilience. And it’s made us even better at what we do.

Reaching 10,000+ beds is a major milestone, that not only highlights our delivery capability but also the trust that our clients place in us. They count on us to bring their residential visions to life, while leaving a positive, social, environmental and economic legacy. And we take that responsibility seriously. As we reflect on these achievements, we’re not just looking back; we’re looking forward with excitement. The best is yet to come. We’re committed to shaping vibrant residential spaces, and we’re ready to keep building on our success, one project at a time.

Building a Robust Team: From 10 to 130 staff

Building success is not just about structures; it’s about cultivating a team that shares a common vision. Over the years, our residential sector team has grown from a humble team of 10 individuals to a robust force of 130 staff members. This growth reflects not only the increasing demand for our services but also our commitment to nurturing talent within the industry. In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve gone beyond mere recruitment to invest in the future of our industry. We actively engage in the training and recruitment of apprentices and graduates, aiming to foster talent from the very outset. By providing comprehensive training programs and opportunities for hands-on experience, we ensure that these individuals not only contribute to our projects but also grow into leaders in their own right. This commitment to the development of emerging talent not only strengthens our team but also elevates the standard of expertise in the field, creating a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

It is also important to emphasise that we regard our trusted supply chain partners as an integral part of the team. We have cultivated these partnerships over many years, and they have evolved alongside us, demonstrating a commitment to technological progress by investing in advancements that streamline their manufacturing processes and aid on-site operations, thereby enhancing specific aspects of quality.

Creating a Positive Legacy

Our focus on creating a wider positive impact extends to the communities that surround our projects. When working in city centres, the heart of a community, we take a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement and recognise the opportunity and responsibility we have to create a positive legacy beyond the physical buildings we construct. Working in partnership with our clients, local authorities, education and training providers and our supply chain, we build relationships, seek opportunities, identify groups in need of support and create tailored plans that meet local needs. These comprise new job opportunities, construction training leading to employment, educational and work experience placements, qualification pathways, and site visits to showcase career opportunities to young people. Appointing local subcontractors to bolster the area’s economy, engaging social enterprises, charity support, and donating resources and materials to local community projects are all elements of social value that we deliver which are making a real difference to the people in most need and provide a positive legacy for many years.

Preparing for the Future

The dynamic legal environment, as demonstrated by the Building Safety Act, is currently providing greater clarity on its requirements across the industry. I am delighted to share that, in the last 3-6 months, we have strategically aligned ourselves with the necessary guidance and training to ensure our understanding of the new regulations. The government’s regulations now place increased importance on contractors and consultants substantiating evidence of our competencies. We have successfully positioned ourselves to tackle these challenges effectively to ensure our continued success within the residential sector.

Looking Ahead

The growth of our residential sector is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovative leadership, and the hard work of our talented team. As we celebrate the significant milestones achieved — whether in turnover, projects delivered, or team expansion — we look ahead with enthusiasm, knowing our journey is far from over. Our commitment to shaping vibrant residential spaces whilst leaving a positive legacy for local communities remains unyielding, and we’re excited to continue building success in partnership with our clients, one project at a time.

The Winvic Way

The Winvic Way means challenging ourselves to constantly improve our service and our processes in order to deliver competitive advantage for our clients.

Winvic has provided multidisciplinary construction services on a national scale since 2001, and ever since has been fostering relationships with a growing list of public and private sector clients. Known for forging pioneering schemes, excelling across all sectors, and affording flexibility to developers and occupiers alike, Winvic has been built on foundations where expectations are exceeded.

Widely known as the UK’s leading industrial ‘shed specialist’, our expertise spans many areas; civils and infrastructure, build-to-rent, student accommodation, office and commercial, fit out works and specialist sustainable builds, including the fulfilment of turnkey project requirements. Our open approach to schemes of any size allows us to be flexible, we have an enviable record of project delivery and we are committed to delivering an ever improving quality of service and product, responsibly, ethically and safely. That’s just the Winvic Way.

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